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Limited-Time Discount on VesselView Mobile

Mercury: Limited-Time Discount on VesselView Mobile



Limited-Time Discount on VesselView Mobile

VesselView Mobile lets you use your mobile device (smartphone or tablet, Android or iPhone) to connect via Bluetooth with your Mercury engine (SmartCraft capable, 40hp and up)  to display VesselView data on your device. The plug-and-play module provides quick, convenient access to your engine’s data.  

With VesselView Mobile you can:
  • See all the SmartCraft engine parameters: fuel flow, water temperature, oil & water pressures, battery voltage, rpm, etc.  
  • Get fault code diagnostic information so you know and understand if that fault is something to be addressed when you return back to the dock or something more significant
  • Get mapping information for your body of water: location, record a moment on the water, fuel & restaurant locations and more

One module can monitor up to four engines. You can even customize the data points across three screens to fit your boating lifestyle. VesselView Mobile is compatible with all SmartCraft-compatible Mercury outboard and sterndrive engines that are 2003 and newer, 40hp and up.  

Additional capabilities with VesselView Mobile: 
  • Use the Dealer Locator and Primary Dealer selector
  • Use checklists associated with your boating lifestyle
  • Receive maintenance reminders and historical maintenance information logs

Take advantage of this limited-time offer and purchase the VesselView Mobile module at 45% off!

Promotion applies to VesselView Mobile modules purchased directly from Mercury Marine between January 28, 2019 through March 31, 2019.

Eligible Models
  • 8.2L
  • Inboards
  • 250-400hp
  • Tow Sport Inboards
  • 6.2L
  • 175-300hp
  • 175-300hp
  • 200-300hp
  • 4.5L
  • 200hp
  • 115-150hp
  • 75-150hp
  • 75-150hp
  • 65-80hp
  • 30-60hp